What is the difference Between Paid and Free Apps?

Paid and Free Apps

Mobile apps are available as free and paid versions from the respective apps markets for the devices. Very often, people tempted to try with the free apps. There is nothing wrong for you to try a free app, but make it sure that the app is safe for you through checking its rating and reviews from other users. Here, it is important to learn that free or paid app is a greatest effort from the developer. A paid app is a direct earner for the developer while free apps earn money indirectly that is through ads. So, one way or other way apps are earners, but takes different approaches.

Paid and Free AppsIt is very common fact that users will consider these apps basing up on their usage, affordability and some more aspects. It is important here to select these apps keeping in mind the safety. There are billions of apps available now for the smartphones and not all the apps are really worth trusting too. An app that is with design lapses will lead to security threat for the user in many ways. This threat can lead to danger from little to maximum extent basing up on the kind of security lapse and kind of data available on the device. So, it is definitely not that simple to distinguish the apps based on free and paid status.

User should be more attentive here with these apps. It is highly important to select right and safe app for your device. It is very common thought that paid apps come with more safety, but not. The security threat is always there with each and every app while hackers on prowl with new techniques and innovative approaches. Your safety is through using common sense while selecting your mobile app. Check the app reviews and ratings without fail. These will give you a clear idea about the app safety from the existing users. If you fail to implement this process, then you will be at risk with your app whether it is a free one or paid one.

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