Track Down a Lost Laptop with These Apps

Track Down a Lost Laptop

Laptops have been a part of modern-day lives for ages now. At this point, they are so well accepted into our society that we store very important personal information in them, such as contacts, credit card numbers, passwords to a variety of important websites we may need for our work, bank accounts, you name it! This is why losing a laptop can be more than a sentimental loss – not only would you lose vital data that you haven’t backed up, but you can also experience information leaks, which can lead to bank account fraud, identity theft… it’s horrible to even think about.
Clearly, we need fail-proof security systems for our laptops, and should the worst happen, we need a good protocol for retrieving the laptop, or at least the information. Modern apps have come up with ways to track these devices, using simple features, such as GPS and Internet in general. If you worry about the safety of your documents, take a look at our list of neat laptop tracking apps:Track Down a Lost Laptop

  • Find My Mac – If you’re an Apple enthusiast, you won’t find a better service than that provided by Find My Mac. You can enable this feature by simply going to System Preferences and selecting iCloud. Here, by checking the Find My Mac checkbox, you will enable a neat safety feature. Best of all, if you lose a laptop, not only will you find it again with the Find My Mac App, but you can also remotely lock your hardware with a unique passcode. And if things are looking very grim, you can even remotely completely wipe your Mac.
  • Lojack – On another note, if you want to protect your information or the brand new parts of your Lenovo laptop, you might want to consider getting a more professional app, such as Lojack. Up until recently, this service was solely available for tracking stolen cars. With the latest innovation, the company has extended its services to smartphones, tablets and, naturally, laptops. Upon installation, the app locks itself within BIOS preventing its removal, even if the complete hard drive is wiped clean. The services that Lojack for laptop offers do not end here – a team of trained investigators is sent to retrieve the laptop at your convenience – if this isn’t done within 60 days, the company will reimburse you for as much as up to $1000.
  • GadgetTrack – For a mere $20 a year, installing GadgetTrack can do you a world of good, when it comes to your laptop safety. While this app isn’t pin-point accurate enough to go and retrieve your device by yourself, it offers a unique feature of snapshots, allowing you to catch the potential thief, using the laptop at a particular moment. As soon as your laptop is turned on, it will send you a report of its location, as well as of the mentioned snapshots.
  • Prey – All the necessary tools needed for device tracking are comprised in this app. Find your device easily via a web control panel. From here, Prey offers a timestamp report on the current location of your laptop, enabling you to lock it and prevent unwanted access. The snapshot feature is also made available here, just as is the case with GadgetTrack.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t want to even think about losing your laptop device, we urge you to consider equipping your device with one of these neat tracking apps. The best data is the you’re making sure that your data and, potentially, parts remain secure.

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