Top 5 Dog Apps

5 Dog Apps

5 Dog AppsDog Park Finder Plus

Find a dog park anytime you need it! The purpose of the Dog Park Finder is to display local dog parks and search results in both map and list forms. You can choose from over 6,600 dog parks. App users get to read reviews and get directions to local dog parks. No matter where you are, dog park finder plus will take you there. Just type in your local zip code and find the closest park to take your dog. It has a Google powered map that leads you right to the park.

PetMD Services Finder

If you are away from home and your dog has an emergency, PetMD Services Finder is here to help. Or, perhaps you would like to go away for the weekend and you don’t know who to leave your dog with. They can provide that for you too. They provide categories such as dog sitters, dog walkers, emergency clinics, groomers, veterinarians and dog parks. Just tap on the category you want and receive local listings.

The Dog Translator

Ever wonder what your doggie is trying to tell you? Wonder no more with the Dog Translator. With this free novelty app, you record your dog’s bark and then gives you a translation of it. Take the mystery out of your dog’s bark with this fun and interesting app.

Puppy Coach 101

Do you have a new puppy and need a bit of help? Is he chewing up your shoes or destroying your sofa? Puppy Coach 101 to the rescue! It provides you with nine topics that are easy to follow. Categories include crate training and teaching sits. Each topic has its own trainer-led instructional videos. You are able to keep track of your progress as you go by checking off what your puppy has succeeded in. You even get to print out a personalized diploma after your pup passes the entire course.

Pet First Aid

No matter how good of an eye you keep on your dog, there are sure to be emergencies at some point or another. When you need emergency first-aid information, Pet First Aid can give it to you quickly. Brought to you from the American Red Cross, this app provides you with articles, detailed how-to videos and illustrations to give you a hand when you really need it.

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