5 Security Dangers with Mobile Apps

Dangers with Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the latest trend all over the world and mobile app developers should be aware of the security dangers while designing & developing these apps. Security problems in the apps can lead to many different types of dangers for the users and FTC is also very serious about these situations. There were instances mobile app developing companies levied fine by the FTC for the security lapses too.  It is imperative now to add your app design with a strong security features without fail. Here are some of these 5 security dangers those should be knowledge to your app developers:Dangers with Mobile Apps

  1. Data Storage: Data is always an integral part of every app and it will store, share saved database for the app users. Here, this data storage in secured manner is vital factor while designing an app. There should be a secured procedure for the app to collect data and to store the same. Also, this database should be transferred in the secured approach within the app too. Data protection should be enabled with a special approach by the app developer without fail.
  2. Data Storage Necessity: App developer should understand the value and importance of the data at the designing stage. The data that is stored and mustered from the user holds a great value. So, do not initiate any data collection unless there is a purpose. If your app doesn’t need any data, then keep it away from collecting data from the user. This will keep your app always safe for the user’s usage.
  3. Backend System Accessing and Protection: Present day most mobile apps requiring back end database system for their effective task performance. Here, it is complete responsibility of the developer to create a secured and effective back end system for the app that is hard to hack or break. This kind of strong secured approach from the developer can help you well to deliver the safe apps for the users.
  4. Encryption Techniques Implementation: Present day most of the app developers are using outdated or the very unproven algorithms or protocols for the encryption. Such apps are now vulnerable as the hackers on prowl all over the world. It is highly imperative here for the developer to come up with their own encryption techniques those are tested and really helpful for the users. We’re still seeing most of the app developers using some of the outdated encryption protocols such as SHA1, MO5 and some more. It is very important now to keep away from such old school encryption techniques keeping in mind the required safety for your app users.
  5. Variations in mobile Devices and mobile OSes: Now, we have many types of mobile OSes and each mobile OS got their own set of vulnerabilities too. These will definitely inherit to the device software once after the OS is loaded. It is highly vital for the developer to keep these vulnerabilities inherited to the device in mind while designing app for that particular platform. It is important to close these security gaps within the platform system through fortifying the mobile app. Enable some of the best security features for the device at the same time discarding functions and features those are totally insecure.

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