Security Basics for Your Android Apps

Security Basics for Your Android Apps

Apps and apps is the buzz word all over the world and this mania is too high with android smartphones. App is definitely a best addition to your phone, but do not consider it keeping your safety and security at stake too. Currently, there are many apps that are pretty vulnerable with hacks due to the lack security features in it. Apart from the hacks and threats, malware is currently posing as another danger for your smartphones. This malware is very often enters into your device through an app or through an update. Doing little research and acquiring little knowledge can keep this problem at bay for you. Let us follow few tips in this regard, which can help you to avoid the malware situation for your smartphone:Security Basics for Your Android Apps

  • It is somewhat a safe practice to download your apps from the Google Play store, but sometimes few reasons may force us to consider sideloading from third party sources. APK download from third party sites very often result into downloading malware into your device. So, it is not a good idea to download your mobile apps from third party sources unless those are reliable and trustworthy. It is good to check your settings for this purpose. Go to Settings>Security and disable unknown sources.
  • It is always safe for the smartphone user to consider Google Play store for their app download needs. Also, sometimes threat will still exist though downloaded from the official Android App store too. It is another best practice to check the reviews of the current app users before considering it on your mobile. Most of the users will mention potential problems involved in the app through their ratings and reviews. This will keep you away from the unsafe apps.
  • It is definitely not enough for you check the user reviews at the Android App official store and extend your research further online too. You will come across to many more users’ opinions on that particular app. You will get further insightful idea about the app’s safety.
  • You should be attentive while granting various permissions while downloading a game or app. Very often user find it difficult to comprehend the exact meaning of these permissions. Unfortunately, most users find these permissions suspicious. But, it is safe for you to seek some help while granting permissions as such otherwise can lead to unnecessary problems for the app user down the line.
  • You should be cautious while considering any app updates. It is again good to check the user base reviews about this update. Many users straightforward mention in their reviews whether update worth adding or waste of time. Also, often these updates come seeking permissions again too. Original app may be legitimate, but update may not stand up to that extent. Malware writers are experts as they can send fake app update with additional permissions with malware in it too. You should be careful with updates download very much.

All the above mentioned tips can safeguard you to a good extent to control the malware entry into your device. Above all, your common sense is something that can help further more in this regard too. Check each and every aspect in detail before considering any app for your device using more of common sense.

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