How to Be Safe with Your Smartphone Apps

Safe with Your Smartphone Apps

A phone was originally designed to meet the effective communication needs, but transformed into a smartphone down the line to bring the entire world into the hands seamless. Perhaps, a smartphone is a good addition to our lives, but adding it with unsafe apps can lead the life to miserable situation too. At present, smartphone capabilities are plenty and countless while apps making it further more easy to make good use of it in the daily activities. If you’re the one among many that uses mobile apps regularly, then you should be the first to learn more about the mobile app vulnerabilities.Safe with Your Smartphone Apps

Let us see top ten mobile app vulnerabilities:

  1. Weak Controls at Server Side.
  2. Data Storage Insecurity.
  3. Transport Layer’s Insufficient Protection.
  4. Unintended Leakage of Data.
  5. Authentication and Authorization Poor Practices.
  6. Broken Cryptography.
  7. Injection at Client Side.
  8. Taking Security Decision through Untrusted Inputs.
  9. Improper Handling of Session.
  10. Binary Protections Lacking.

Nowadays, more than 50% of the presently available apps are coming with no proper permissions in it and such are definitely strained with one or more vulnerabilities mentioned above for sure. It is now sole responsibility of the app user to be aware of these vulnerabilities and resulting security problems. This can keep you away from the insecure apps usage and you can start to initiate the best practices in the app selection. Apps are definitely a great advantage, but selecting wrong apps can lead to dangerous situation for you. It is always wise to be with the apps those are coming with the best security features in it. Try to start right approach for your app selection and be safe from every angle rather being prey for the attackers.

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