Organize Well Your Mobile Apps for Easy Usage

Verbs based folders

Apps are nowadays fingertip advantage to conclude many tasks. There are thousands of useful apps available, but restricting ourselves to the safe and the best ones is always a best strategy. Still, we see our smartphones being overcrowded with many apps. So, you need a better organized approach to manage and utilize well these apps on your smartphone. You can organize these apps in 7 different creative ways in order to make good use of them on your needs:

  1. Verbs based folders are the best approach here to organize your apps on the smartphone. This verbal strategy can be organized in the form of Reading News, Listening Music, Watching Videos and some more.Verbs based folders
  2. Color coding is another best way to organize these apps too. Every app visual element is designed in a way to identify the app easily. It is common fact that mind associates very easily with colors. So, use these colors as your strategy to navigate well your apps. This will keep your smartphone with rainbow of colors, which will be quite appealing.Color coding
  3. Alphabetical order is yours another choice to organize your apps in the better useful manner. Create a folder for each alphabet like “A”, “B” and so on.Alphabetical order
  4. Organize your apps basing up on the way you hold your phone and use your phone. Keep these app icons of the frequently used apps at the edges in a way you can access them quickly and easily. In this model, filing your apps in folders will get interrupted badly.Organize your apps
  5. Keep your apps in the form of themed rows. People do not like the idea of folders for their apps can apply this approach. It will keep related apps in a row for you to access easily. Here, you require assigning theme or genre to your app for grouping similar apps. Keep your apps
  6. Arrange your apps basing up on the usage frequency. Here, use different home screens and keep apps depending up on your usage priorities. This will keep you better updated with your apps location and easy usage on the requirement. Arrange your apps
  7. Use emoji themed labels for the apps proper organization on the smartphone. This will allow you to name your app folders with emoji themed labels instead of text. Also, you can add text too to the emoji if interested. emoji themed

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