Mobile Apps Your Security Practices Explained

Mobile Apps Your Security Practices

It is very common for everyone to talk about mobile apps and its enormous growth, but have you ever seen some one talking about apps vulnerabilities and their negative impact on users? Definitely none said much on this context. There are companies and individuals sending huge volume of apps for usage all over the world. Here, FTC or Federal Security Commission definitely deserves appreciation through asking these companies and individuals about the security keep up in the apps. The FTC settlements on under performance and over promising of the applications clearly mentioned and highlighted more about the required mobile app security needs too.
Mobile Apps Your Security Practices
Many cases with FTC charged mobile app companies about misleading the people as if their mobile apps safe for the usage. There were many instances all over the world, where many of the apps lead to the leakage of the personal and valuable data of the users in many forms. Very often, user was thrown into difficult and miserable situations through this kind of incidents too. Many of needed security measures like SSL and some more were very often seen lacking in many of the apps those is available at present. The communication transmitted through mobile app with no SSL or encryption can lead to interception by an attacker. This kind of data breach is very often happening through mobile apps those are with no SSL and while user communicated through public Wi-Fi networks can lead to the damage worse for the users too.

FTC here playing a vital role to control the app companies to the extent in a way every app can be safe and secured for the users. FTC strictly says that every app should have comprehensively designed security program in it  in order to avoid the risks and also says that each app should undergo strict security assessment test every other year for the upcoming 20 years period without fail. FTC is strictly instructing these companies not to misrepresent their security features to the users too. FTC confirms that each app comes with its own risk profile. Here, public responsibility that is users will play a vital role in the whole process too. FTC Business Center is providing valuable information on the apps to the users about guidelines, security information, tips and many more. It is a good practice at least now for the mobile app users to go through this valuable information.

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