Mobile apps Statistics and Facts

Mobile apps Statistics

Apps are at present driving force for your smartphones and tablets. It is hard to see an individual nowadays that is never used an app on their smartphone or tablet. These apps are slowly encroached a lot into our lives since they emerged. These are currently made available through market places on the native platforms in the form of app stores. Currently, various platforms App stores are brimming with huge volume of apps for the smartphones and tablet users. Android is leading with 1.6 million apps while Apple App store is running at second with around 1.5 million apps. If we look into the detailed figures in this context on the app downloads at the various stores, Apple App store reported as above 100 billion apps download between 2008 and 2015 while Google Play store reported downloads from August 2010 to September 2012 as more than 25 billion apps. There are still some app stores those offering these apps from the respective platforms app stores like Windows, BlackBerry and some more.

Mobile apps StatisticsHere, it is quite imperative to have a look into this mobile app business worldwide too. Global mobile apps revenue is projected to cross $76.52 billion by the year 2017. There are some more figures to be observed in this context are:

Facts and figures are clearly indicating the kind of impact created by the mobile apps all over the world. Importantly, these are very helpful and useful, when made right choice too. Also, wrong apps with low security standards can lead to dangerous situations for the users too. It is definitely a world with the extensive usage of the technology while mobile apps standing as a best example in this context. But, it is imperative here to be careful and cautious with the apps selection as well as with their effective usage too.

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