Mobile Apps for E-Learning Now Available as M-Learning

ASTD Trainer’s Tool Kit

M-Learning is the latest trend all over the world and it is a strategic development for E-Learning platform. As the way mobile devices usage is growing all around the world, learning on these devices with the help of the best apps is nowadays appreciated and used by many. It is a best way to learn anything that you want on the go and it is a best way to make good use of time while commuting for the various needs too. E-Learning is definitely been a great help for the present day professionals to improve their skills. Now, this M-Learning made it more adaptive into your daily routine too.

Let us see some of these popular mobile apps those are helping professionals to learn many new subject topics on their handheld devices:Udemy Online Courses

  1. Udemy: This is a name currently deserves no special introduction to the worldwide professionals. You can download this mobile app for all the present day using mobile operating systems. You will be having access to many video tutorials, articles, subject course materials on the various training topics from Udemy through this app.DesignJot
  2. DesignJot: This is another best mobile app that helps you to design, plan and build courses for the instructional designers, performance consultants and trainers. Currently, DesignJot is available only for iOS platform. This app is arranged with the best features in a way trainer can make good use of it for their training sessions.SkillPill
  3. SkillPill: This app allows you to access videos on training bite-sized and their topics are management, sales, customer service and some more. Try this SkillPill paid app that is currently available for all popular mobile OSes.ASTD Trainer’s Tool Kit
  4. ASTD Trainer’s Tool Kit:The American Society of Training and Development with this app standing as a best resource for the instructional designers and trainers. The ASTD Trainer’s Tool Kit is a performance support to the trainers to create the best activities those can be helpful for learners. These will make the learner more engaged and motivated towards the training program. This is a paid app currently available for iOS and Android.Blackboard Collaborate Mobile
  5. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile:This is another popular LMS with the best features to match well to the needs of the corporate learning. This Blackboard app allows joining web conference, chatting, viewing whiteboard content and accessing presentations along with answers for the learners. This free app is available at present for iOS and android.

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