Why Your Mobile Application Gets Rejected from App Store?


Apple cultivates a comprehensive review process to save the ecosystem of App Store from vulnerable applications. It makes sure that only exceptional apps pass through the App store. As a result, several iPhone applications fail to get listed in the app store, even though iPhone application developers take ultimate care in developing these applications. Hence iPhone application developers should be aware of some crucial aspects that will enable the applications to make its presence felt in the App store. This extract details some valid points that will empower an iPhone application against the APP store rejections.why-mobile-apps-rejected-from-appstore

Avoid Broken Links
A developer should make sure that the application is free from broken links, and every link in the application functions without errors. The application must contain correct contact information, and links for clarifying the privacy policy.

High Loading Time
Every operating system has a maximum time set for the startup, and for iOS the specified limit is 15 seconds. Applications that load rapidly in multiple devices will get a quick listing in the App store. Hence developers must test the application in multiple hardware and make sure of its gets loaded so quickly.

Indicating It As A ‘Beta’ App
If developers mention the application as a ‘beta app’ ,it will give an impression that the application is unfinished. Apple has set the norms very high, and is against these kind of indications such as Beta , preview and version 0.9 so on. Do not indicate any of these terms in your application.

Do Not Detail The Names Of Other Platforms  
Beware while writing descriptions for the App store. If your application is crafted to work in multiple platforms like Windows and Android, other than iOS, you will have a clear advantage. But in the description you write for applications in App store, avoid mentioning the names of other platforms. It remains as a golden rule for every platform. Detail only iOS titles in the APP store, and Android titles in Google play.

Fix The Bugs And Crashes
Before listing the application for the review, ensure that your application has no bugs, and it never crashes at any point causing disturbances to the users. Consistently test your application in all stages of development, and they list it for reviewing.

Deliver The Features You Have Promised   
In the description certain applications promises to deliver a lot of features, but in reality it fails to offer many of those promised features. Keep in mind that, apple does a detailed review, and the applications that fail to deliver the promised features in the description will be rejected from the list.

Mishap In Localization
Users from any part of the world may utilize your application; hence it must be localized for the consumption of everyone despite the differences in nation, and language. Small errors happen at the time of localization can prohibit your iPhone application from getting listed.

Unrefined UI  
Your application should have a refined UI. It should be user-friendly and must meet the norms of iOS. Clean UI will receive fast approval. So design a UI which stands high in terms of refinement and cleanliness.

Getting an application listed in the APP store is not a Herculean task, but still companies that perform iPhone application development will have to consider many fundamental things to make it possible. Some of the fine points regarding the same are detailed here.

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