Introducing Apps To Your Family Finances

Apps To Your Family Finances

People like to say that dog is a man’s best friend. Although this may hold true, we have to point out, though, that, in this day and age when you can find an app for virtually anything, smartphones can easily give them a run for their money. Do not get us wrong, dogs are beautiful, but can they help you to sort out family finances? Not in the slightest. Well, smartphones can, and since the matter of family finances just so happens to be one of the most notorious bonds you can ever have, let us see how we can put our new best friends to good use.

Apps To Your Family Finances

Our Groceries Shopping List
Let us start with one of the less demanding yet most annoying chores out there, and those would be groceries. Our Groceries Shopping List is a neat app that will allow you to crate your grocery list, sort entries by their categories, and then sync it across several devices, where each user will be able to add new items to the list or remove the existing ones. Super helpful when you are going shopping with your spouse and you need to split to cover more ground.

Rental Rewards
All you renters out there, and we know there are plenty of you, rejoice, Rental Rewards will let you do your rent payment online and say goodbye to annoying landlords. The app will also allow you to set up rent reminders and automatic payments so you do not have to worry about deadlines, and even reward your every payment with points that can be turned into useful things like free flights and vouchers. Easy-to-use, useful, and gratifying – What else could you ask for?

Wally is one of the numerous home budgeting apps. What makes it stand above its competition is that, while retaining the regular features like tracking your income, and projecting your savings, it completely removes tediousness of creating a detailed budget out of the equation, and thus leaves its user with very streamlined and digestible experience based on the spending-savings-income ratio, or in other words “budgeting for dummies”.

Home Budgeting with Sync
If you need the extensive budget editing options, or you simply have too much time on your hand, Home Budgeting with Sync is the app for you. Packing all the goodies Wally left behind, while remaining simple enough for average user to comprehend, the app adds few additional features like trend charts for budget, expenses, and incomes for the last 6 months which we cannot help but admire.

Acorns is the easiest way to invest, period. It is so easy you do not even know you have invested your money. Do not worry, this is not some kind of scam; Acorns rounds up your expenses to next dollar, and invests that spare change in some diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. The app protects your privacy, prevents unauthorized access, and even follows some basic principles of good investing. Great value for the monthly fee of just $1.

These were top five apps that should help you to keep your family finances under firm control, and even earn some money in the process. We say they are worth a try, at least until your dog learns how to pay the rent and invest your money.

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