How to Obtain More Reviews for Your App


Present day, acquired app reviews are playing a vital in its conversion rate. It is clearly indicating that review got its own impact and value on the app success. A new user is currently deciding on the app download basing up on the existing reviews. If these existing reviews are vouching the effectiveness of the app, then the conversion rate will always be at high for that app. Here, a good review is always a result of the app performance and nothing more. It is not possible to influence a user to give a positive review unless the app reached up to the expectations of the user. There are certain ways you can practice to obtain the best reviews in good volume at the various App Stores and those are:Reviews

  1. Localization is your best approach here while your app is targeted for the entire world’s users. This app localization can be done with the features available at the various App Stores very easily and quickly. Here, consider multiple language support through keeping your app available with the local language. Here, important is that English is not the language used by many other parts of the world. So, if you keep your app at the various geographic locations using localization feature along with your app details in their native language can help you to gain good attention from all users and this will result into obtaining quickly more good reviews for your app too.
  2. There is nothing wrong to ask your close circle to offer some good reviews on your app. Acquiring such positive reviews in good numbers initially can lead to positive note for your app in the App Store. The same momentum will start to accumulate further too with other users.
  3.   Keep a feedback reminder within your app with a pop-up window. Generally, there are many users find it time taking task to go and write a review at the App Store. Here, this kind of facility to post the user review directly from the app can improve your reviews in numbers and user will find it more convenient to offer a good feedback on the app too.
  4. Use your social networking channels to acquire more number of reviews. Request all your existing users to offer a positive review. There is nothing wrong to go further mile in this process through luring them with discounts on your next apps for this review too.
  5. Generally, some users tend to offer some suggestion or advice basing up on their experience with the app. Follow it promptly through addressing it and inform the same with the customer too. This kind of prompt attendance can make the user to offer the good review besides suggesting the app with their friends and family too.
  6. Organize some understanding with other app developers for these customer reviews. Help them to get the good reviews and seek the same from them in a reciprocate manner.

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