Helpful Apps for Startups


Mobile apps are there too many for various needs, but there are few best apps those can be of a great help for the present day startups. Let us see some of those apps and these may match well to the needs of the present day budding entrepreneurs.Slack

  1. Slack: Mails are obviously effective communication medium nowadays and startup will get them too many. You will need an app that can help you well to manage well your mails those are coming in too many. Slack is your best app here to manage these mails and to create a team that is part of this communication. This app also allows you integrate with other channels too like Twitter and some more. Try this and make your working more effective.GrowthGeeks
  2. GrowthGeeks: Startups will have many tasks and many problems to resolve, but will not be in a position to hire many staff on these needs too. Especially, marketing, content needs and some more are nowadays good to handle through freelance resources. GrowthGeek is such a platform that offers you a wide gamut of resources with skilled freelancers to hire and deploy on the task. Make good use of it and get it done many tasks of your business quickly, effectively and economically.Todo
  3. Todo: Every day having a to-do list in an organized manner that is first thing that every startup entrepreneur’s should afford nowadays. It is better to depend on an app for this purpose. Use Todo effectively and it will turn things much easier for you in many ways.Evernote
  4. Evernote: This is another best app seen used by many professionals and entrepreneurs at present. It will allow you to share your ideas, research and trends all across different devices besides being a best time tracking option for you in addition. Evernote is definitely a best app that helps you to leverage more out of your daily routine.ExpenseBot
  5. ExpenseBot: It is very common routine for the present day business heads to track their receipts, mileage and some more. Now, you can make this simple using ExpenseBot app rather using unnecessarily your brainpower on these things. Take a snap of these needs like mileage, receipts and some more and the app will record it automatically with the details like amount, date, name and some more.Trello
  6. Trello: It is always required for a startup to track the workflows on a project or task. Trello can track these required workflows for you through providing needed visibility into the every aspect of the project. It will also allow you to create boards with the task cards those are shareable to the team about the workloads. It is a best way to keep a tab on a particular project of startup wherever you are.

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