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It is very well aware, how we all care about our health and fitness. Now, there are few apps for this purpose too. Currently, there are thousands of health and fitness mobile apps available on the respective market places based on their operating systems. Let us some best 5 apps in this regard in detail below:

  1. Cody: It is a free app available on Apple iOS. This is a Facebook app that connects you with fitness community that shares workouts to the friends. This will also allow you to track your own progress through the timeline and there is a chance for your group friends to give a Comment or LIKE on this progress too. This is definitely a best fitness app that helps you in many ways like finding best workouts and sharing the same with friends to find out their opinions too. Cody
  2.  Hot5Fitness: This is another best fitness app that is credited with the step by step workouts from the expert trainers. This iOS app available at free for a limited period and you have to convert into paid member down the line. This app delivers 5-minute videos on workouts, 45-minutes yoga sessions, and many pages of fitness and yoga workouts in it. Its interface is totally user friendly too. Hot5 Fitness
  3.  Pact:This app available on iOS as well as on Android at free of cost. This app was originally named as GymPact, but rechristened again recently as just Pact. Once after you enroll a physical fitness regime, this app fines you in cash whenever missed practice and at the same time rewards you when practiced punctually too. This is definitely a best app to try for those who skip occasionally their workout regimes. Pact
  4.  Carrot Fit: This is a paid app on iOS with $2.99 price tag. This is a best judgmental tracker of your weight and the CARROT character in the app harsh criticism definitely motivates you to shed down your excess weight. This is another best app for lazy people those need some rough words to make them get rid of their excess weight.CARROT Fit
  5.  Human:This is a free app at iOS and a good choice for the people with casual approach towards their exercises. This app encourages you to have your daily dosage of 30 minutes’ exercise regime. You can make a choicest physical regime for this purpose like running, dancing or jumping. The app wants to track this 30-minute regime daily without fail for you and for your fitness. Human

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