Best Funny 5 Apps for Your Android


Funny apps to your android smartphone are the best addition in many ways. It is a best way to add little fun into your busy life too. We picked up the best 5 apps for this purpose and presenting below:

  1. 9GAG: It is a free app that comes with a best collection memes in large volume. Funny images, videos, gifs , memes and lot more make your mobile world fun filled. It got message boards, voting participation and sharing in it to make your usage interactive and interesting too.9GAG
  2. Cheezburger: This is another free app and replica to top humor site Cheezburger online. Already, best fan base is credited to this app from all over the world too. This app will allow browsing jokes, videos, images, comics and the best hilarious content. You can login into this app using your mail ID or Facebook that allows you create your own post at here too. You can gain access with login into other sites too like ROFLRazzi, Memebase and some more. Cheezburger
  3. The Chive: The Chive is already a popular website that offers stories, posts, pictures, videos and some more of humor nature. You can gain the same through their mobile app on your Android smartphone. This app allows you to submit your own funny stuff online too. App navigation allows you to browse the latest, top rated, favorite content at finger tips for you. The interface of the app is very user friendly and you will find it easy to use too. It is a free app too.The Chive
  4. Food Battle: This is a best tap and play android app that is available as free and paid app from Goggle Play store. This game app features Smosh cameos and it is a best change for Angry Birds or Candy Crush addicts too. It is funny to have characters in it those voiced by Smosh. Food Battle
  5. Funny Facts Free 8000: This Funny Facts Free is another best free app that deserves space on your android smartphone. This app presents you the best bunch of weird, funny, entertaining and goofy facts for you. Only problem is that this app is not updated a while, but contents are definitely entertaining for you. Funny Facts Free 8000

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