5 Best Free Android Apps for You

Google Maps Navigation

Android apps world is growing into enormous day by day. Here, not every app is worth trying here keeping in mind your safety and smartphone’s hardware compatibility. It is always worth restricting yourself with some of the best and useful apps those are safe and helpful for you. We’re presenting here some best 5 apps for you and you may like them too.

  1. Google Sky Map: This is an interesting and stunning app for your smartphone.This app uses the smartphone’s orientation tools to present you with a precise representation of planets and stars. This app works well within indoors too. There are some more of similar apps those are free at Google Play store like Night Sky Lite, Star Tracker, Star Chart, Sky View and some more. Google Sky Map
  2. Google Goggles:  It is another best app from Google that allows you to take pictures along with an analysis from Google on it. It will return back with a search results page with respect to the photo context too. In fact, the main aim of this app is to QR code reading to scan barcode. It is definitely worth adding to your smartphone.Google Goggles
  3. AC Traffic: It is an official product of the RAC Traffic with guesstimates on your location through mobile signal. It will offer current traffic alerts and it is far better than following radio on the arterial blockage update. You have some more similar apps like it such as The AA, Live Traffic Info, and some more. RAC Traffic
  4. Flickr: This is a best app suits well to your smartphone to upload photos and to capture photos. It comes with a complete set of the filters in order to make your photos picture perfect. Also, you can share your photos instantly on Twitter and Facebook through app too. You have similar apps for this purpose at the Google Play store too like Bot for Flickr, Lidow, Flickr photos and some more. Flickr
  5. Google Maps Navigation: It is very often said as must and should addition to your smartphone. This app can support with Android version 1.6 and above. The best feature of this app is voice navigation turn by turn. You can do route calculation too using this app. You have some more similar apps to try like GPS Navigation, Google Earth, Offline Maps and some more.Google Maps Navigation

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