Best Chat Apps for Your Smartphone

Best Chat Apps

Best Chat Apps for Your Smartphone

Chatting on the smartphone is currently at high all over the world. Some of the chat-apps are currently seen without fail any of the smartphone too. There are plenty of options for this purpose, but some are popular all over the world for these needs too. This chat on smartphone is at present successfully kept SMS facility at the backseat. People are more into this instant chat than sending SMS to their friends and family. It is seen as a medium among offices for their professional communication needs too. BlackBerry was the first to introduce this choice in the professionals’ circles all over the world.Best Chat Apps

Now, there are plenty of chat apps available from the respective mobile OS apps Markets. Now, there is no point to talk about these apps while people all over the world more aware of them. Let us see some of these popular apps and perhaps some may turn now into additional choice for your chat needs on the smartphones. We selected top 23 messaging cum chat apps for you and these are currently available for all present day mobile operating systems too.

  1. WhatsApp
  2. GroupMe
  3. Line
  4. WeChat
  5. Kakao Talk
  6. MessageMe
  7. Kik
  8. Tango
  9. Cubie
  10. Facebook Messenger
  11. Hike
  12. Google Hangouts
  13. Maaii
  14. iMessage/FaceTime
  15. BBM
  16. Rounds
  17. Snapchat
  18. Skype
  19. Viber
  20. Nimbuzz
  21. ChatON
  22. Voxer
  23. Summary

Hope you will make good use of this list. Also, make it sure to download them from the OS official app markets in order to safeguard your device from the spyware and malware issues. Chatting is made easy for all through these apps and these will be definitely a best addition for your smartphones too. These are the best way to establish effective communication at the work front as well as at the personal front too.

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