Best Mobile Apps for the Students


Mobile apps are available for all kind of needs. There are millions of apps available to use based on the daily needs of the people. There are thousands of apps exclusively available for the present day students keeping in mind their needs too. Let us see some of the best apps those are helpful for the students:

  1. CliffsNote: This can be called as a controversial app as teachers hate this app while students love it a lot. This is a literature app for the students. You will get cram plans, quizzes, summaries and many more from this app. This is available as paid and free versions, but $2 costing app paid version will be definitely helpful for the students to make more out of it. cliffsnotes
  2. EverNote Peek: This app comes with caveats. This is an exclusive app for iPad while it is great to experience on iPad2 version. This free app allows to create the quizzes on the notes on the topic that is entered into the EverNote. EverNote Peek
  3. Wolfram Alpha: This is a best computational knowledge app available on all the popular mobile operating systems. This $3 priced app lets you to access its computational knowledge engine. It answers many of your questions automatically with its in-built expert level knowledge. It can answer complex math, calorie count of the breakfast, dollar to pound conversion and many more. Wolfram Alpha
  4. RefMe: This is a free app available for Android as well as iOS. This app helps to generate reference list for your academic paper or thesis or project. It will search for title based on your project and reverts back with suitable journals, books, web pages and many more. Importantly, keeping reference list in the specific format like Oxford, MLA, Chicago or any other will not be troublesome any longer with the help of this app. RefMe
  5. myHomework: This app helps you to track all your assignments with the status like pending, completed and some more. It can receive the assignment directly from your teacher while the teacher using Teacher io app too. Its limited version is available at free, but paid version at $5 unleashes the best features for you. myHomework

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