ARC Welder to Run Android Apps on Your PC

Run Android Apps

Over the years, there have been really useful developments in the app world, either to overcome issues or introduce something new. To name a few, Android development company, Veztek USA is one name that has played its part in such developments. The firm strives to provide users with as much knowledge about iOS and Android apps as possible. This Android app development Los Angeles firm will guide you about the new developments and issues in your plan to build Android apps.

Developing apps and software compatible with both mobiles as well as personal computers has been challenging throughout the years. Although, even today, there is no guarantee that the all the apps that you try will work, but it’s worth a try for the developers who are striving to build Android apps that are compatible with the Chrome OS as well.

Run Android Apps
Why Android Apps Fail on Desktops?

Using touch gestures to correspond to the real-world actions, Google introduced a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel which is known to the world as Android. Designed for smartphones and tablets, most of the Android apps are great. These lightweight yet impactful software pieces fulfill the objective they were meant to do and they do it with the help of limited hardware resources of the mobile device. Features that support the app include cloud enabled services, easy handling, high resolution graphics and instant updates. These features are available for the mobile apps easily which makes them run smoothly on devices. On the other hand, the desktop apps fail on the operating systems due to lack of these features. Only if there was a viable solution to the problem where the Android apps could run on desktops? Well, there is now.

App Runtime for Chrome (ARC)

The latest development of App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) as well as the ARC Welder App is a minor revolution in the world of applications. The new ARC Welder software by Google supports the running of Android mobile apps on any operation system via Chrome. The operating systems that support the software include Linux, Mac, Chrome OS and Windows. All the users have to do is install Chrome browser along with ARC Welder and woah! Your favorite app is now ready to run on your personal computer. Once you run the software, ARC Welder requests to access a file called APK which helps in corresponding the app that you wish to run on your system. Isn’t that just great!

Knowing More about ARC and Intro to Chromebit

Initially, ARC Welder could only be accessed by developers but now with Chrome Web Store, it is open for the general public as well. No matter how cool it sounds, the program is not completely stable yet, it is still in the beta phase and can run one app at a time only. Till now, Google has been successful in making a few Android apps that run hand in hand with the program when it comes to compatibility. In the future, Google is planning to make all of its Android apps available for use across different platforms including laptop computers, desktops, smartphones and tablets. It is similar to Microsoft’s idea with the upcoming operating system, Windows 10 and not to forget mentioning the multi-platform app store.

Google’s intention behind developing the software was two-pronged. One, to eliminate the use of Android emulators such as BlueStacks and two to create a great software, the new ARC that lays the groundwork for using its Linux based Chrome OS in a cost effective manner. This is where Chromebit comes into view. Built by Asus, Chromebit is a stick PC. The device is scheduled to run Google’s Chrome operating system in the near future. The price of Chromebit is expected to be somewhere around one hundred dollars. Sounds interesting eh? Let’s find out what this Chromebit actually is.


Chromebit is actually a small scale PC. You must be wondering how small? Well, it is bigger in size of a memory stick but smaller than a candy bar. But don’t you underestimate the power of this little development, it is capable of transforming any display to a Chrome OS based computer just by plugging HDMI. Talking about the specs, Chromebit will be equipped with a RAM of two gigabytes, an HDMI connector, a Rockchip 3288 system on a chip, an internal storage of sixteen gigabytes, a USB host for connecting numerous peripherals and a mini USB connector for power supply. It will also be accompanied by Bluetooth and Wifi, in short each and everything that you will need to use in a business as well as educational environment. So that covers most of the target market if not all. It is a known fact that the Chrome operating system has quite the limited number of apps that are available for use, this is where the ARC Welder comes in handy. This gives any potential Android app to turn into a Chrome app which makes the whole app offer available to users in the Play Store. It includes apps such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush to free of cost Microsoft’s Office apps.

This is not just it, Chrome bit is not designed to serve the business and educational personal computers but in fact it has a much larger scale, it will make way to the living rooms of the users as well. How would you like of you plug in a small device to your large television and start playing Angry Birds on the big screen. Sound tempting doesn’t it? Believe it or not, the experience will be surprisingly satisfying.

Google’s Upcoming Developments

Apart from Chromebit which is yet to be launched, Google announced Haier Chromebook 11 as well as the Hisense Chromebook for sale. A bit on the costly side, Google has announced Chromebook Flip built with Asus and a 10.1 inch Chromebook/ Tablet transformer with a storage of up to sixteen GB and ten hours of battery life.

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