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App Marketing

Nowadays apps are definitely available in more, which is creating a great necessity for app marketing strategy for the app development companies and app developers. Your perfect marketing strategy can lead to a best success for the app too. While everyone is coming up with their own app marketing strategies, how to check their performance is definitely a great question to be answered. There are Key Performance Indicators for this purpose to inform you more about the marketing strategy performance and those are:App Marketing

  • Downloads: Your app download status is definitely a primary key performance indicator here. Track your app downloads at the various OS App Marketplaces. This will give you the correct performance of your app marketing strategy.
  • Store Rank of App: It is very common for the app user to search for the suitable app at the App store with a keyword in a particular category. Here, your app rank in that particular store will play a vital role in improving your app downloads. It is highly important for you App Marketing strategy to push your App Store Ranking to high and having 20 to 30 kind of spot is reasonably good performance here. Use this as another KPI to check your app marketing strategy performance.
  • Revenue: Financial viability that is revenue generated and generating is another KPI to check your app marketing strategy. Here, so far generated total revenue will offer you a serene idea about your marketing performance.
  • Rate of Conversion: It is often required for the user to conclude a transaction to get an app from the app store. Check how quickly and how often conversion is happening for your app through transaction completion. This conversion rate is another KPI for understanding more on the performance of your app marketing.
  • Ā Length of Session: Each user spent time on app is in general termed as session length. It is important to check the session length of the users. Users with less session length and no session length is an indication that there is something wrong in the app. Users those are not happy with the app features or performance will tend to close it quickly and stop using it too. This session length is another KPI to understand well about your app performance which in turn got indirect influence over your app marketing too.

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